Our Process

SYNC Methodology: How we do it

1. Discovery Workshop

We kick-start with a collaborative workshop, diving deep into your brand, target audience, and long-term goals.

2. Competitive Analysis

We thoroughly research your market landscape, identifying competitors and potential areas for differentiation.

3. Touchpoint Audit

We analyse every touchpoint your customers encounter, from your website to your social media presence, to your post-purchase experiences.

4. Strategy and Recommendations

We synthesize findings into a comprehensive strategic roadmap, offering clear action steps across touchpoints.

5. Implementation Support

We don't just deliver a plan; we provide implementation guidance including design and creatives, for your new brand strategies.

6. Ongoing Evaluation and Optimisation

Your brand's journey is continuous! We monitor performance and identify areas for fine-tuning.

Case Study

Founded in 1925, K P Namboodiri's Ayurvedics is one of the most trusted brands from Kerala. With changing times, the brand was facing a challenge connecting with the younger generation. It wanted to refresh its ageing visual identity and packaging to a more contemporary design to connect better with today’s young consumers.

At KICKASS DESIGN, we worked out a comprehensive design strategy for K P Namboodiri's Ayurvedics that spanned all touchpoints. This included a brand identity refresh, branding and packaging design architecture, creating an all-new packaging design, launch communication and subsequent brand promotion creatives.

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