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3 Minute Branding - The Kickass Business Podcast

This podcast is for entrepreneurs who are up for unconventional thinking and looking for creative tips to grow their business. Each episode offers short, quick tips on branding, creative design, packaging, marketing, advertising, web, digital and more - for Small and Medium Businesses.

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5 tips for changing your logo!

This 3-minute episode looks at the issue of refreshing a brand’s visual identity or logo. Should you even change your logo? If yes, why? Find out the top reasons to upgrade your logo with a fresh new look.

When should you rebrand your business?

Rebranding can work wonders for your business and bring in new energy and commitment to growth! Tune in to find out five reasons why you may want to consider rebranding.

6 ways to go clutter-free and improve your focus

Have a messy work table? It may be making it harder to focus on your task at hand. You need to declutter to improve your ability to focus and become more productive. Tune in for 6 tips to declutter your workspace!

8 ways to improve your business website

A website is your most important marketing tool today. Most people look at company websites first before making a call or purchase. Here are 8 tips to enhance your business website and make it work for you in this digital-first age.

When to shut down a business

As an entrepreneur, if you’ve hit a wall and are doubting the success of your business, here are a few signs you may want to look out for. Should you shut down the business? Should you hang on for a few more months? When is it time to shut down? Listen in.

Common myths around digital marketing

At Kickass Design, we get a lot of questions from clients and prospects who are often confused and lost when it comes to digital marketing. This podcast lists five common myths of digital marketing. Listen in.

10 things I learnt about business - from my dog!

When you're looking to adopt some best practices for your business, you never know where the next source of inspiration might come from. It could be from a mentor, another entrepreneur or a business leader you look up to, or – your pet. Yes, we can indeed learn a thing or two about business from our pets!

Top 5 questions to ask a potential creative agency

This episode explores the issue of how to select the right creative agency for your business. Get a handy list of questions that you can ask during your initial conversations with creative agencies. Tune in!

Are long-term business goals relevant anymore?

Considering how the COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted life and business, you might think – does it even make sense to do long-term business planning? Shouldn’t you instead, focus on becoming agile and be ever-ready to adapt and change course?

Who wins the packaging design war – Form, Functionality, or Aesthetics?

Discussions around packaging design for any product ultimately revolve around form, functionality, and aesthetics. Find out what are the five important functions of packaging design and what market research studies point to.

Innovating in times of crisis

There seems to be an unintended but clear silver lining appearing from the current global turmoil resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic. Entrepreneurs and organizations are becoming smarter and creative in identifying new opportunities, changing their processes and becoming flexible in their operations. This episode of the Kickass Radio podcast is all about innovation.

How can small businesses adapt and thrive in an economic downturn

This episode explores practical tips for assessing business health, and lists ways to quickly adapt to the changing environment.

Should you spend on marketing when sales are down?

When sales are falling and cash is burning, what would you do? In this 3-minute podcast, let’s explore the issue of rationalising budgets in times of economic uncertainty.

Which social media platform is best for my business?

Is it absolutely necessary for my business to be on social media? Should I be present on all platforms? Which ones will be the most relevant for my business? Get all your answers in this short 3-minute episode!

How to get comfortable with video conferences.

Have a fear of conference calls? Get nervous or anxious? Tune in to this episode of Kickass Radio for tips on mastering online business meetings.

Is a good-looking logo really important for business?

This episode explores the importance of a logo and how it adds value to a business. A good logo creates a professional impression and trust in the minds of your consumers. It conveys a message of assurance and quality.

How to get a good first impression, online?

As the world moves towards working remotely, your first digital impression will determine business success going forward. Listen to 4 tips on creating a good online presence.

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